Very well organized, presented and thought provoking speakers. Extremely informative.

Tarah Carr, Assistant Director, Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation

Nice split between pure investment analysis and trends and real life experiences with foundations and charities.

Aaron Bremner, CFO, Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation

I enjoyed networking with investors from around Canada. It was valuable to make new connections and share ideas.

Michael Nicks, Director, Investments, Pepperdine University

I like the investment panel discussion on asset allocation decisions from plan sponsors.

Jacky Shen, Director, Treasury, SFU

The conference went well. I found it useful.

Tom Ball, Outsourced CIO, Asper Foundation

Very balanced in the topics covered.

Anna Lin, Treasury Analyst, SFU

2 days of generally very relevant presentations by experienced presenters.

Bob Worth, , Victoria FDN

Economist that kicked it off (Rosenberg) was great; helped set the tone.
Great panel discussion. Participants were interactive.

Vijay Venkatesan, Director, Finance and Administration, London Community Foundation

Good topic areas – learning a lot.

Jeff Garred, CFO, Tides Canada

A great mix of something for everyone – given the diverse nature of attendees – well done. Quality of speakers is awesome.

R. Smith, CEO, The Kitchener and Waterloo Community Foundation

For me, being on the donor side of the business, this helps me understand the language better. I find our donors are sophisticated people and they ask me technical questions. This will help me in my interactions with new and current holders.

Diane Silva, Director, Donor Relations, London Community Foundation

Well presented.

Paul Rainford, Vice President, Faithlife Financial

Good speakers, well organized, well presented.

E. Piro, Assistant Treasurer, McConnell Foundation

Great. A good spectrum of presentations – all relevant and important for endowments/investments of varying size.

Kamal Rasani, , Nature Conservancy

Overall an excellent conference.

David Leeson, Secretary, Investment Committee, Comm. Foundation of Kingston and Area

Really excellent. Good speakers well prepared with good content.

Jamie Colliver, Principal and Portfolio Manager, Integra Capital

Good diversity of speakers and subjects.

Ralph Daghfal, Vice President, CIBC Asset Management

Conference is a crucial “must attend event” for all who wish to stay at the leading forefront of innovation and information, to best benefit their foundations.

Melanie Hall-Szyszkiewicz, Vice Chair, Central Okanagan Foundation

I will ask our investment committee to re-evaluate its investment policy. A very good thing to do with up to date analysis and new options to consider.

Karen Morgan, Executive Director, Saanich Peninsula Hospital Foundation

Quite stimulating – confirmed need for clear investment objectives, practices that offer organization need for returns and comfort with risk and need for expertise on committees that holding managers accountable for terms agreed to.

Heather Clarke, Chair, Board of Governors, Vancouver School of Theologies

Enjoyed the case studies – an opportunity to hear how other organizations address asset mix, governance, etc. forward looking views of investment managers very informative.

Elisa Kreller, Director, Finance, Coast Opportunity Funds

Excellent. I’ll definitely participate in future conferences.

Jonathan Massel, Volunteer Treasurer, Louis Brier Jewish Aged Foundation

The conference was very good and I learned a lot of things regarding investment and fund management. The gained knowledge will be shared by my country, Nepal.

S. Kumar Argal, Chief, Investment Department, Citizen Government Trust, Nepal

Well done. The emphasis on the importance of alternate assets continues to increase.

Chris Sheridan, SVP, Institutional Sales, Horizons ETF

Excellent idea generation. Several good take aways for positive change in our organization.

Glen Rottray, VP, Fiera Capital

Broad scope and variety of topics keeps session interesting.

J. Majur, CFO, Kings University College

Interesting to hear from others and seeing the similar situations they are experiencing.

David Pasquiro, Financial Consultant, St. Josephs Health Care Foundation

It has been informative! Learning in more depth our obligation for meeting disbursement quota issue and balancing that with presentation of enduring property.

Dwayne Cleave, Treasurer, Lutheran Foundation Canada

Great series of speakers that addressed a variety of good topics.

Karin Bara, CMA, Controller, University Hospital Foundation (Edmonton)

Very interesting mix of relevant topics for all participants, nice amount of information, presentations and interactive participation from the audience.

Shauna George, Assistant Vice President, Morgan Meighen & Associates

Very informative with good to great speakers. A very strong Canadian perspective not normally available.

Harry Feldman, Investment Committee, Foundation DV Grand Montreal

Good speakers, hearing from the foundations/endowment is great.

Jack Fleming, VP, Burgundy

Excellent discussions. I enjoyed the disbursement policies, risk management strategies, legal develop and CRA the nosy. Answered a number of questions we are struggling with.

Cathy Knox, Financial & Admin Officer, WPSHC Foundation

Excellent and varied content.

Peter Clement, Executive Director, ERS Youth Development Corp./TREE Foundation

Very diverse speakers with excellent knowledge – you have brought engaging, and knowledgable speakers. I have learned a great deal – mostly relevant.

Don Dart, Sr. VP, Funding and Corporate Services, Alberta College of Arts and Design

Very informative. An overview of the growth of the global economy and most importantly the new procurement act…

Richard Whyte, Director, Finance and Business Developement, Community Micro skills Development Centre

The lineup of speakers is very impressive – they all delivered. It was great to hear from the different foundations investments and the challenge they face and what they implemented in their organization to address different investment issues. I like the thought provocative information delivered.

Stephanie Kremer, Relationship Manager, Sionna Investment Managers Inc.

Diverse Subjects. Thought Provoking.

Sheila Norman, , CGOV

Enjoy the diverse speaker line up. Well organized.

C. Sheridan, SVP, Horizons ETF